Top 10 Myanmar Travel Destinations

Explore the TOP 10 best tourist destinations, tourist spots, attractions in Myanmar (Burma) for your holiday! Myanmar is one of the mysterious country in South East Asia and because of its cultural and geographical diversity has retained much of its historic and unique character. Discover the great attractions in Myanmar and the country's wonderful uniqueness.


shwedagonYangon is a big and yet not modernized city, with Victorian buildings, tree-lined avenues, lakes and parks and a bustling city centre of friendly vendors, colourful stalls and people going about in their daily chores dressed traditionally in their Longyi and flip-flap sandals. The Bogyoke Aung San market (also called Scott’s Market) is a must for every visitor and so is the magnificent Shwedagon Pagoda – the prominent landmark of Myanmar. The first fundament of the Shwedagon is believed to have been built more than 2000 years ago, and the pagoda is revered by Buddhist and non-Buddhists alike. Yangon is the gateway to Myanmar and has direct air links with Bangkok, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo, Seoul, Doha, Beijing, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Chiang Mai, Hong Kong, Taipei, Guangzhou, Kunming, Nanning, Gaya and Dhaka.


mdyMandalay was the last Royal Capital of Myanmar and is located nearly 700 km north of Yangon between the mighty Ayeyarwaddy River and the Shan plateau. Mandalay is considered the centre of Burmese culture, a city of artisans and a trading centre of goods in all directions. The geometric laid out streets, the many bicycles riders, the 8 km long moth and wall around the former Royal Palace, the pagodas and monasteries abound and the sacred Mandalay Hill towering over it all, are some of its most visible features. In the vicinity of Mandalay are the former royal capitals and religious centers of Amarapura, Mingun, Inwa (Ava) and Sagaing, each worth visiting. Mandalay is another gateway to Myanmar and has direct air links with Bangkok, Singapore, Kunming and Chiang Mai.


shwesikoneBagan, the capital of Myanmar’s first dynasty, was built by King Anawrahta in 1044. It is located about 193 km south of Mandalay. There are over 2000 temples and stupas spreading in 42 square kilometers of desert like plain on the eastern bank of the Ayeyarwaddy River. All those red bricks and stucco religious monuments were built during 11th to 13th century. The magnificent temple architecture, incredibly fine mural or frescos paintings, brilliant stucco carvings, and the most elegant Buddha images, all are telling motifs of the sublime culture of the ancient Bagan dynasties.

Inle Lake

inleA five kilometer long canal suddenly opens up to a wide lake with numerous villages on stilts and floating gardens against the hazy mountain ranges. Fishermen in their shallow boats cast their cone shaped bamboo down in the lake to trap the fish, and the lake dwelling framers tend to their floating gardens from their canoes. The gardens are anchored to the lake beds with long bamboo poles and host flowers or tomatoes, chilies, cauliflowers and other vegetables. The lake is situated in the Shan State, 1000 meter above sea level and is the home of the Intha people and many other ethnic minorities. Sailing among the villages you can hear the silk looms clanking and the tapping of the ironsmiths and get a glimpse of girls chatting while wrapping cigars and wave to the smiling kids looking out through the open shutters of the wooden or bamboo houses built above the water.

Mrauk U

mraukuThe 15th century ancient city of Rakhine Kingdom is located in the north-western corner of the country. It was the centre of a mighty kingdom and one of the richest cities in Asia trading with the Middle East, Asia and Europe.Today little remains of the original city except for the many interesting temples and stupas, partly in ruins, dotting the small hills around the new town of Mrauk-U. It is famous for its old temples with wall paintings and religious statues showing the Indian cultural influence.

Pyin O Lwin

polPYIN O LWIN ( Maymyo). Just 2-3 hours by car away from Mandalay, but climate and scenery is quite different. Pine trees and other subtropical vegetation dot the landscape among English style houses and gardens. In the city centre, with its Clock Tower and old shop houses, the colorful horse drawn carriages are still the preferred mode of transport.


kalawKALAW in the Shan State is another cool place to be during the hottest months of the year. Many ethnic minority villages around and interesting market in town. Good trekking down to Inle Lake or to Pindaya.


pindayaPINDAYA, famous for its caves housing more than 8000 Buddha images. No one seems to know how they all got there. Most of them are at least hundreds of years old while others are recent additions. They have been placed in such a way that they form a passage through the caves. Pindaya is surrounded by some very beautiful scenery.

Kyaing Tong (Keng Tung)

kyaingtongKyaing Tong, is a town in eastern Shan State, Myanmar and it is also the principle town of Keng Tung Township. The weather in this area is particular cooler than compare to the tropical area of Myanmar which is a suitable place for those visitors who would like to enjoy plenty memorable sceneries in the chilling weather. Kyaing Tong is geographically located in an easily accessible location to the golden triangle area.


mlmMawlamyine,capital of Mon State and Myanmar's third largest city.In colonial times known as Moulmein and trading port of teak logs."By the old Moulmein pagoda lookin' eastward to the sea. There's a Burma girl a-sittin', and I know she thinks o' me......" South of Mawlamyine was the end of line of the Thai-Burma 415 km railway built under Japanese occupation during WWII ("Bridge of River Kwai"). Near the site is a cemetery for some of many allied prisoners of war who died while building it.

Kyaiktiyo (Golden Rock)

khtiyoGolden Rock, in Myanmar language known as KyiteHteeYoe Pagoda is one of the breath-taking and also a sacred place for Myanmar people. It is located in Mon State and perched on the highest mountain of Paunglaung mountain range. To travel to KyiteHteeYoe pagoda, it will take a 4-hour drive from Yangon, where it will proceed in an open truck uphill to hermit hill. The rock and the pagoda are at the top of Mt. Kyaiktiyo.


monywaMonywa, is located in Sagaing Division, in Myanmar, and geographically 136km northwest of Mandalay along the eastern bank of River Chindwin. It will take 3 hours drive from Mandalay via Sagaing in order to get to Monywa. There are many places to visit around in the area and one of many attractions is the Poewindaung mountain caves where visitors can observe the incredible stone curving and mural paintings all over the cave.

The Irrawaddy

arrawadyTHE IRRAWADDY, one of the mightiest rivers of Asia in league with the Mekong and the Ganges. Weeklong cruises in high water season August-November from Bhamo to Bagan, from Bagan to Pyay and on the Chindwin River as well as one and two nights cruises from Mandalay to Bagan from July to April. Individually arranged tours for smaller groups.


myeikThe mergui Archipelago which is located on the most southern part of Myanmar which comprimised of over 800 islands. Kawthaung (formally known as Victoria Point) is the beginning of our Nature Safaris which is near to the border town Ranong in Thailand, and the distance is about 300km north of Phuket. You are likely to witness the unique sigificant view which you are unlikely to witness in other part of the world and you will be feeling in the same way as other explorers have felt 2 centuries ago. Majority of the Islands around the area are not inhabitanting by people and you can see plenty of lush trpical rainforest down to the extordinary white sandy beaches and on a few of them, you can also find ancient Mangrove Rivers and caves, which is a very ideal place for sea kayaks and rubber dinghy.

Ngapali Beach

ngapaliNgapali is located in Rakhine State and stretches along the Bay of Bengal and it lies in Rakhine State of Myanmar. Ngapali is said to be one of the best beaches in Myanmar where most natural are untouched where visitors can enjoy the true natureof the beach itself. It is famous for its natural and unspotted beauty up to this day. The beach stretches about 3 km with soft white sand fringed by coconut palms.

Ngwe Saung Beach

ngwesaungNgwe Saung beach is situated near Yangon city and it can be reached within a 6-hour drive from Yangon. The beach itself is approximately 9 miles long and one of the longest beach in South East Asia and newly opened beach in Ayeyarwaddy delta region interconnected with the Andaman Sea. Moreover, Ngwe Saung is located a bit south of Ngapali which is also another popular beach resorts in Myanmar.