Vietnam Today: Arts, People and the Countryside. Our trip was short but perfectly customized to our liking. I will contact you within the next few weeks because we are planning more trip...

The itinerary you sent us was very helpful as we were not sure exactly what we were getting in to!

Excellent plus on the educational/cultural experience.

We stayed at the Hotel Sofitel Metropole in Hanoi and it was much "fancier" than we remembered it from 8 years ago. We would have preferred to stay at the same hotel but in the "old" section - it has a little more charm.

Le Van Cuong was outstanding and made the trip fabulous. The guide for the Kayak portions was also excellent and took us into caves that are not frequently visit by others. Both made the trip memorable. Customizing the boat experience by being on a smaller boat is worth the extra expense. We felt that we were exploring a new frontier!

Dear Van and Tuyet,

I just spoke to Ken Yagura on the phone and he had nothing but wonderful things to say about the trip, guides, and their experience...

Particularly, they were really impressed with how well the guides took care of Terry's elderly aunt, saying "they treated her like she was their own mother."

Ron and Monica Huban - 20-08-2013

In October 2012, we had the pleasure of staying at Tu Ne commune, located in the Hoa Binh province of Vietnam. Our hosts couldn’t do enough for us. They welcomed us with a drink, they prepared t three delicious meals each day, and they prepared a cosy sleeping area with a mosquito net to protect us. Our special dietary requirements were also accommodated.

We enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere of sleeping in a Muong house on stilts. Their English wasn’t great, but our appointed HG Travel guides were excellent in ensuring that we all communicated. Our hosts made a real effort to welcome us into their home and lifestyle, and they showed us photos of their extended family. They allowed us to photograph whatever we wanted to, and they even dressed Monica in a traditional local outfit. Members of the Cu village put on a delightful song and dance performance for us in the community hall, and invited us to join in and to sing one of our traditional songs back to them. It was a very nice touch, and the sort of experience that one doesn’t easily forget. The next day, we set up some of the local performers in the cane fields to photograph them, and they were very happy to pose for us.

Our walk through Thanh Hoi was also very rewarding. We discovered bee-keepers, and a family who make their own wooden handicrafts and weave silk garments. We enjoyed tasting the local rice wine, which was offered to us in nearly every house that we visited. Although we only spent one night in Tu Ne, we felt that we had enjoyed many new and wonderful experiences. The care and kindness of our hosts made it difficult to say goodbye.

​We hope that many others, like us, will come to this special part of Vietnam, and enjoy the delights that it has to offer. The only recommendations we can make are that prospective visitors are warned that they must leave all of their ‘Western comforts’ behind tham at home, and if they go with an open mind, they won’t be disappointed. We thank HG Travel for this unique opportunity. Ron and Monica Huban Sydney, Australia

Ms Louise Mitton Phnom Penh trip - 20-08-2013

Phnom Penh Palace, Killing fields, Tonle Sap lake were the highlight of the tour. I loved that we could contribute to a clean water well for the rural villages.

Mekong river trip - 20-08-2013

Mekong river trip was highlight, Saylom Yen is extremely passionate about Laos country and culture, this give us a very insight to the people and the way of living. Yen has wonderful sense of hu umor, very cast to get along with and very helpful, nothing was too much to trouble him.Yen is credit to On The Go Tour. Thanks to Lair for getting us around safe.

Mr Tony Ralph and Mrs Elizabeth Ralph Vietnam at a Glance - 20-08-2013

We have had an excellent, enjoyable experience in Vietnam which has been made by having the excellent tour guide that we had.

Ms Cheryl Hollard Legend of Laos - 20-08-2013

This part of the tour has been amazing. Well organized, Pom- our guide was very patient, adaptable and very pleasant. I enjoyed visiting the minority groups where they love, how they make a livi ing. Would love to have bought more of their goods but it is not possible. Our driver is very skilled and did an excellent job. Many thanks!