Ananda Temple

anadarOne of the greatest and most venerated pagoda in the whole of Myanmar. It has Greek cross plan and two square corridors in plan. There are four tall (31) feet high standing Buddha images at the four cardinal points. Out of these four only the image of Kassapa and Kakusandha are origin of Bagan Period. Konagamana and Gotama have been replaced in later periods. There are (35) feet high teak doors with wood carving, sandstone statues, murals and glazed figures. The plaques in the upper terraces depict the 550 Jatakas, each Jataka being represented by one scene, with a legend in Mon inscription. The finest architecture, brick-work, stone carving, blacksmith and plaster curving can be seen and studied there.

Thatbyinnyu Temple

tgatbtubbtyIt was built by King Alaungsithu in 1144 A.D. Thatbyinnyu, meaning "Omniscene" of Buddha, is one of the most prominent among massive imposing edifices of Bagan. It stands over 200 feet tall. It has five storeys: the first and second were used as the residence of monks; images were kept on the third; the fourth was used as a library; and on the fifth was constructed a pagoda containing holy relics. Towering above the other monuments of Bagan.


Kyauk-Gu-Umin, the stone Cave temple, is a large square monument with its back built against a cliff not far from the banks of the Ayeyarwaddy, and nearer to Nyaung-Oo. It is in three storey although the top two levels were added at a later date, attributed to King Narapatisithu who reigned from 1174 to 1211 A.D. The ground floor is built of sand stone. It is a structure of unique architecture. Kyauk-Gu-Umin.

Shwezigon Pagoda

Untitled-5Shwezigon Pagoda situate at about half a mile west of Nyaung-U. It is like a sacred reliquary of typical early Bagan architecture. It was built by King Anawrahta of Bagan in 1059 A.D. finished by King Kyansittha. At the lower terraces are also glazed plaques depicting the Jatakas (Buddha�s life stories).

Tantkyitaung Pagoda

Untitled-6It was built in 1059A.D. It is among Bagan pagodas, as it was one of the four enshrining tooth relics of Lord Buddha, although it lies across the Ayeyarwaddy river in Pakokku District, Magway Division. It was built by King Anawrahta on Tantkyi Hill, where royal elephant bearing the tooth relics rested for the second time. This pagoda is (90) feet high with the base of (60) feet. Its nine tiers of umbrella contained a silver vane and the diamond bud. It has been renovated in successive period. It has an image of Lord Buddha, a statue of Shin Ananda and an ogre the guardian of the forest.

Lawkananda Pagoda

Untitled-7Lawkananda Pagoda is located on the bank of Ayeyarwaddy river. It was the third stupa enshrining the Tooth Relic of Buddha. It was built by King Anawrahta in 1059 A.D. and said to be the most extraordinary among all. It is now over 900 years old and there has never been erosion of the river bank at that place. Even when the river is swollen by torrents, the water level never reaches the platform of the pagoda. And strangely enough, Thitkanet trees alien to Bagan climate are growing there.

Tuyintaung Pagoda

Tuyin-Taung-PagodaIt was built by King Anawrahta. It is the fourth Tooth Relic Pagoda built in 1059 A.D., illustrating Bagan Sasana and Bagan arts and powerness. It is known by the various name given to the hill atop which it is situated. It was the fourth place where the royal elephant bearing the sacred Tooth Relics rested for the fourth time. The place was adorned with rock building and sculptures. It also seemed to demarcate the boundary of Bagan. It also appeared as a natural wall for the City State. From Tuyin Hill one can have a view of another sacred Relic Pagoda a top Tantkyi Hill on the other bank of Ayeyarwaddy river.